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I fought my feelings when I came up to you and said "Hey, friend"

Debating coming clean, give you the skinny on my predicaments 

If we say goodnight you know I’ll take it all the way home

I fought my feelings when I came up to you and said "Hey friend, Hey friend"


Little Romeo, I see you hanging out your window

Lips stained red wine, my god how you look so fine

Want to take you out and maybe we’ll never return

We’ll make the cosmos home, swimming in the great unknowns, great unknown


Play it cool, cool

Know the rules, rules


When the moon is high, I love to simmer in it all damn night

Try to find the time to make my mind unwind 

A little turpentine will take us to what will be 

I want you blue and true with all the things you do, I’m telling you the truth


If you knew what I’d do 

Follow through, would you too


There’s a place and time but I haven’t quite found mine

I’m searching low and high and trying to make it out the other side 

If you’re feeling like I do will you always hold me to 

Saying things that I don’t want to say


Please babe, please babe


Would you go, would you go, would you go 

Would you go with even flow, just go

Music & Lyrics by Cassie Wilson
Produced & Mixed by Nick Vann
Mastered by Brad Smalling
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Tambourine, Shaker - Cassie Wilson
Drums - Forrest Raup
Bass - Nick Vann
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